Critical Illness Cover

We do not like to believe that a critical illness will happen to us, no matter how fit we are, but it can and does.

It is no secret that as a population we are all living longer which is great news.

However, it has been proven that this can mean we are more likely to suffer a serious illness at some time in our life. To pick just three illnesses, how many of us know someone who has suffered a Cancer, stroke or heart condition?

These illnesses along with scores of others covered by these policies can have a devastating impact on your financial security, especially if whilst having treatment, followed by recuperation you must take significant time away from your work or own business.

You can spend the money how you wish which could include the costs of adapting your home to your health needs, clear debt or inject in to your business.

A Critical Illness policy is a form of insurance which pays out a tax-free lump sum in the event you are diagnosed with a specified serious illness or medical condition.

Many insurers also include free cover for children although payment is limited usually up to approximately £25,000.

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