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Mental health awareness can be a sensitive subject, but it’s one that shouldn’t be ignored in the workplace. Making sure that your team understand what mental health is, how to keep theirs on top form and what actions they can take if things begin to get too much is an important part of being an employer. By addressing mental health awareness in the workplace and supporting your dedicated staff in this way, you’ll find them to be more productive and healthier.

What is mental health awareness?

Mental health awareness is all about being conscious of your emotional, psychological and social wellbeing. Understanding how we feel, think and act is vital in determining how we handle things such as stress, relate to others and make choices, skills which are vital to maintain in the workplace. Mental health awareness isn’t just about understanding how you can keep your mind on top form but also recognising when your mental health could be improved. No one’s mental health is continually positive, it will rise and fall depending on a number of factors and experiences in day to day life; being able to understand and prioritise mental health will allow you to maintain a positive approach to work and home life. Mental health awareness is a key health factor that all employers should consider making sure that they can promote positive wellbeing in the workplace as well as support those experiencing difficulties with their state of mental health.

Promoting mental health awareness

Though it may take time to introduce, promoting mental health awareness can be a hugely beneficial action to take in the workplace. Staff with a positive state of mind are more likely to perform well, have good attendance levels and be more engaged in their work, all of which are big benefits for businesses. Educating your workforce about mental health awareness is the best way for your staff to not only be informed about this important part of their wellbeing but to know where to find support if they need it. An effective way to give your workforce a mental wellbeing boost is to plan a range of activities that deliver key mental health awareness messages to educate your team about the stigma associated with mental health in the workplace and how they can address it. Embracing healthy habits that demonstrate mental health awareness, such as having lunch away from your desk and taking breaks when you need them, are all small ways that you can help you and your team to feel more positive. More formal ways to encourage mental health awareness within your business include implementing mental health policies, these will ensure that members at all levels of your organisation know what to do if they feel they are struggling.

Supporting your team

With more and more workers dealing with mental health problems such as anxiety, depression or stress, mental health awareness is now a vital responsibility for employers. As an employer, making sure that your team can openly discuss their problems with you is highly important. Employers should be confident in mental health awareness and trained in the skills needed to help support their staff in their time of need. Creating an open dialogue and maintaining communications with your team is a vital aspect of encouraging better mental health awareness. Being able to have both informal and formal conversations about mental health with your team and taking the time to understand their individual mental health needs will help you to establish relationships of trust with your staff that will support both their health and that of your business.

Understanding your top team’s mental health and providing them with the right level of support will also help to reduce work-related stress and anxiety. Being a source of support for those who are struggling with their mental health can be hugely beneficial for both your team members’ wellbeing and the success of your operations by reducing absenteeism and improving your team’s overall performance. Mental health awareness is an important consideration that every business should factor in and shouldn’t be afraid to put in place throughout their operations.

With each and every business relying on the performance of its staff, mental health awareness is now an essential priority for employers. At Protectus Healthcare, we understand how important it is to make sure that your top team are covered on all bases, that’s why we offer reliable and impartial employee benefits and health insurance advice so that you can find the correct products to keep your team’s health on top form. Go online for health insurance advice that puts your business first.