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When it comes to team building, the benefits it can offer your workforce are astronomical, yet so many businesses are sceptical to try good old fashioned team building exercises. Effective team building in the workplace relies on a common-sense and communication whereas a manager you need to coach your team to work together as well as individually. For any team to perform well, individuals need to be able to contribute their unique strengths to help the group grow. Let’s take a closer look at team building and how you can implement simple activities into your workplace for a healthier and happier team.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money when it comes to team building events in your workplace, and they don’t have to be complicated or over the top. Creating structured opportunities for employees to mingle is all you really need to provide. You can offer anything from a team building lunch right up to a jam-packed activity weekend, it really depends on what you’re trying to achieve and how much time your team have available. Schedule activities in the workplace or local community, or make it as simple as getting everyone in the same room, it doesn’t matter how you bring your workforce together, the important thing is that you do.

Discovering the diversity of your team

A great team building practice that many businesses can benefit from is letting different team members discover what other members of your organisation do. Often employees are curious about what others do and a great way to help build bridges and satisfy interest is to introduce them to a whole new workgroup. Similarly, job shadowing is a great team building exercise. It provides the opportunity for employees to explore alternative career paths and interests, along with areas in the business they may want to develop into. Exploring other employees’ roles will also allow your staff to participate in team building that enhances cross-department cooperation and understanding further down the line.

The classic icebreaker

Teams that often meet may not need icebreakers, but they definitely come in handy when you’re formatting a new group. Icebreakers also work well when you’re changing the direction of a certain team. Help your employees get to know one another and improve their ability to work with simple team building exercises like icebreakers through things such as trust exercises and problem-solving. Icebreakers are also great for team building during meetings. Making sure that every team has established team norms and relationship guidelines that will help them work better together over long periods of time.

Doing good for others

Another great team building activity that your business can carry out is encouraging your employees to volunteer for charity as a group. Whether your employees are running for charity, collecting food for the homeless or raising money for a good cause, volunteering as a team is an activity that produces lasting results. The morale that is conjured up through team building opportunities like this will soon flow over into the workplace for better communication and relationships amongst your staff.

Enhancing employee hobbies

An easy way to tackle team building is outside of work hours. People tend to feel more at ease when they’re somewhere more relaxed and outside of the workplace. Get to know what interests your employees share outside the office and work towards supporting it. Providing the space, email lists and occasional financial support to promote group meetings for hobbies with employees is a great way of team building. Whether it’s photography, internet gaming or something more active, there can be something for everyone. You’ll also find that many workplace health insurance policies encourage an active lifestyle amongst your team members, a great way to get your workforce involved in active team building and it helps your team take care of their health.

Team building is an ideal way to keep morale high and productivity pushing on in your organisation, though there are plenty more steps you can take. At Protectus, we’re on hand to offer employers bespoke company health insurance guidance for you to ensure that your team stay happy and healthy in the long run. Get in touch for tailored advice that will find your top team the policy that meets their individual needs whilst suiting your business.