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Superfoods are one of the latest trends to take to the spotlight in the world of nutrition without many of us knowing exactly what they are and what they do. Superfoods can be confusing for a number of reasons; without having their own food group, the term ‘superfoods’ is more of a collective one that is used to describe foods that have added health benefits. There is also no set criteria for determining what is and what isn’t classed as a superfood, leaving it quite open to personal interpretation. In the EU, however, health claims on packaging in favour of said superfoods have been banned unless the claims have been supported by scientific evidence. The superfood trend tends to exploit the fact that having a healthier diet with key foods, including superfoods, can reduce our risk of chronic diseases such as strokes and cancer. Although substantial evidence is needed to claim that a product or food is a superfood, it isn’t putting off current food brands from funding academics to research the health benefits of their products.

Aside from all of the rules and regulations, superfoods can be highly beneficial when consumed correctly. Let’s take a look at what makes superfoods effective and how they could benefit your lifestyle.

Typical features of Superfoods

Although there is a range of superfoods on the market, they all tend to share similar properties. Superfoods have a very high nutritional density which means that they provide a substantial amount of nutrients with very few calories. Superfoods tend to contain high levels of three main nutrients; minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, all of which are great for boosting your body’s performance.

Typical superfoods tend to come from one of several categories; berries, soy, tea, leafy greens and fish. From there, each element and each food contains its own plethora of nutrients that are designed to do your body good.

Superfood Misconceptions

When it comes to the effectiveness of superfoods, there is a lot to consider. For some, superfoods are highly ineffective while for others, including more of them in their regime, is the best dietary switch they have made. Fully understanding the benefits of superfoods is vital in determining their effects on your body. There are a lot of ideas surrounding the unrealistic expectations of superfoods; they won’t necessarily protect you from chronic diseases and health problems, they are just more likely to stop you from developing them. The biggest secret of superfoods is that they are right in front of you. Any leafy green vegetable or berry at your local supermarket will provide you with the same benefits as premium-priced ‘superfoods’. Buying in season and from local stores and markets will help you to ensure you’re enjoying foods with high nutritional content at a lower cost.

Incorporating Superfoods

Trying to incorporate superfoods into your diet can be a bit of challenge, but with so many options available at your disposal, there’s no need to find yourself stuck for inspiration. One of the easiest ways to know if you’re getting enough vital nutrients is to assess your plate. If you find that your meals consist of processed, beige and dull foods, its likely that they are lacking in antioxidants. Adding foods that are rich in colour will brighten up your plate and balance your health. If you find making dramatic diet changes something of a task, adding superfoods into your meals bit by bit will make the transition much less daunting. Replacing meat with fish or adding berries to your cereals and baked goods is the perfect place to start. Even the smallest of steps will help make the biggest of impacts on your health and wellbeing.

Including superfoods in your lifestyle will only be effective if you are consuming a healthy and balanced diet, keeping your focus on achieving a diet full of superfoods rather than picking and choosing individual foods will be much more effective. Even replacing processed foods with whole and healthy ones will drastically improve your health and will also help you to gradually ease superfoods into your diet.

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