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Making sure that your sleep cycle is flawless and in sync with your body is a challenge that a lot of us face. With so much to worry about in our everyday lives, sleep is the last thing that should be on our minds. However, getting into the right habits and training your body into a natural and suitable sleep cycle can help other aspects of your life fall into place. Let’s explore how deep, restorative sleep can help increase productivity in your home, work and social life.

How can your sleep cycle affect productivity?

Whether it’s small activities or large problems that keep you awake at night, not having a regular and healthy sleep cycle can have detrimental effects on other aspects of your life, productivity being one of the main contenders here.

The more hours we work at the office, the more tired we get. The more tired we get, the more prone we are to error and procrastination, all of which means our productivity levels take a real knock. Your sleep cycle can control the major factors of your life and hinder your performance at work if it’s not optimised. Naturally, your body will know when it’s tired, but there are ways to train the way you live and sleep to make the way your body functions more manageable. By getting into a good sleep cycle, you can expect to see faster reactions, better judgement, improved memory and an increase in creativity. Taking even the smallest of steps can help to improve your sleep cycle and make sure your productivity pushes on.

Your sleep cycle is made up of two key aspects that determine the quality of the sleep you have and its return effect on your productivity levels. The first of these aspects is insufficient sleep. Without enough sleep, productivity is certain to suffer. Making sure you have eight hours of sleep will quickly help you overcome motivational obstacles and also allows your body time to rest and repair. Second up is inconsistent sleep. The more irregular your sleep cycle is, the more you can count on not getting much done the next day. Consistently going to sleep and getting up at a reasonable time will help improve how you sleep, helping you to have a better quality sleep cycle and a more productive day. A good night’s sleep really can help productivity fall into place.

How can you get into the right sleep cycle

Find a schedule that works for you

You know your body better than anyone, so introducing a sleep cycle that suits you is in your hands. Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, listen to what your body needs and tailor your sleep cycle to those needs. Getting around eight hours of good quality sleep is usually the recommended amount, but listen to your body; you may need more or you may need less. It could be that hitting the snooze button is what helps your day become a little more productive.

Prep for bed

Introduce your sleep cycle to your nighttime routine. Clean sheets, a warm bath and a cup of tea may be what helps you slip blissfully into a good night’s sleep. Work with different nighttime routines until you find one that works for you. As long as you’re not collapsing on your bed from exhaustion, there are hundreds of products and practices you can put into play to help you sleep better and increase your productivity.

Turn off distractions

The biggest nighttime no-no is electronics. If you’re looking for a flawless and fault-free sleep cycle, cutting out bright screens and loud noises is the place to start. Keeping engaged with screens sends your body into alert mode, meaning poor sleep and poor productivity. If you’re looking for late night entertainment alternatives, pick up a book, a bit of knitting or whatever else gets you engaged, not energised.

Get active

If you find your sleep cycle is too short and of poor quality, try doing something that will help you shut your eyes as soon as your head hits your pillow. Take on a high-intensity exercise class, go for a run or walk the dog for longer than usual. Getting your body moving will help you feel more in need of sleep and will help you drift off without problems.

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