International Private Medical Insurance

Specialist health insurance for employees working and expats living abroad.

This a very complicated market to navigate with so many different types of cover available.

In addition, there are number of rules and regulations for a significant number of countries throughout the world where some policies are simply not suitable.

Here at Protectus Healthcare we have a wealth of experience and expertise to ensure you have the correct type of policy to cover your global health needs.

Whether you are an expat or have employees working abroad it is essential that you ensure you have cover in place as without it you could find the cost of obtaining treatment astronomical.

Also, depending where you are in the world, repatriation to the nearest hospital or back to your home country comes standard on most policies but without it, the cost can be “sky-high”.

International medical insurance covers the vast majority of medical costs incurred for acute illnesses and injuries. You will find that this type of cover in more comprehensive than here in the UK with some policies covering chronic conditions.

Please do not hesitate to speak with us to advise on any concerns or queries you have for setting up this cover.

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