Individual Private Medical Insurance

What is more important than your family’s health?

We recognise that the good health of you and your family is a priority.

Therefore, we want to offer you peace of mind by helping you choose the most affordable and flexible cover available to suit your family’s needs.

On your behalf, we will navigate through the labyrinth of policies available, to provide your loved ones with a cost effective, bespoke plan suitable to your specific needs.

This will include a one to one discussion with you to answer any queries and to ensure you have a full understanding of the underwriting.

If you are leaving a company scheme we will also look at obtaining you continuation of cover without any further underwriting.

Private Medical Insurance also known as private health insurance is designed to meet the costs of having private medical treatment for an acute illness or injury on a short-term basis. Depending on how your policy is set up (which we will advise you on) it could include a private room in a hospital, the surgeons’ and other specialists’ fees, out-patient treatment like physiotherapy and day care treatment including surgical and diagnostic procedures.

Importantly, virtually all these policies offer extensive cancer cover.

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