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When it comes to office design, there is a lot more than meets the eye. Visually, office design is important to a lot of businesses, however, there is more to it than just aesthetics. Office design can have a large impact on employee productivity and happiness which, in turn, can have varying effects on the business. If you’re looking to make your office space more accessible and comfortable for your employees and make the most of the benefits of doing so, it may be time to re-evaluate your office design. Take your new office design as a chance to reflect your company’s culture through simple things such as space, light and colour to make your office one that your team will thrive in.

Considering Space

One of the most important aspects to look at when it comes to office design is space. Space plays a large role in the way employees interact and work, so optimising your physical working areas can be the key to boosting morale in day to day work.

Enclosure is a huge factor that can affect your employees when it comes to considering space in your office design. The openness of your office design will be highly dependent on the industry you’re in, the size of your business and the things that your employees value the most. Trying to find a balance between an open yet private office design can be difficult to maintain but, when done correctly, this can have great returns on employee engagement and the quality of their work. Long gone are the days of stuffy cubicles and isolated areas, these days, office design focuses on open and shared space. In order to make your office design as effective as possible, a healthy balance between both collaborative and private spaces is the most effective but listening to the needs of your team will help you to make more refined office design choices.

Tackling Technology

One of the most overlooked areas of office design is the role that technology can play. With technology changing more rapidly than ever, keeping on top of the latest software and computers can prove difficult. However, this does mean that new technologies are helping improve to employee productivity. If your office is set up on outdated technology and software, it can make your employees’ lives harder by adding hours and stress to their projects. Making the plunge and investing in new tech when refreshing your office design will benefit both your company and your employees in the long run, improving efficiency and productivity.

Interaction Areas

Although securing the perfect office design for a productive work environment is important, it’s also vital to make sure you create space for downtime and interaction. Modern office design is about as multipurpose as it gets with several spaces each having different purposes, designs and aesthetics. From recreation rooms to meeting hubs, interactive spaces to brainstorm areas, office design needs to be suited to your team’s and business’s needs more than ever. A versatile and multipurpose office space can help your top team truly maximise their potential. During the typical eight-hour working day it’s very likely that employees will move around the office, therefore, your office design should reflect the needs and movements of your team’s daily schedule; the freer their movement and the more your team can switch up their environment, the better their levels of productivity and morale will be.

Lighten Life

Another important aspect of office design that should be considered is the effect of light. An office with plenty of windows to bring in more natural light can drastically improve the mood and motivation of your employees and can even help them to get a better night’s rest, so they are refreshed for the work day ahead of them. It’s also said that workplace performance can be increased by 16% if your team has a pleasant view of the outside world, so embracing office design that makes room for light and natural views could be the key to your team’s success. The more open and lighter you can make your office, the more productive and happier your workforce will be as a result.

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