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The New Year detox has become quite the tradition. More often than not, after the Christmas celebrations, we’re all left feeling a little worse for wear, leading us to search for ways to detox our systems and feel refreshed. A New Year detox doesn’t have to be as hard as we might think, simple and small lifestyle changes can help you get on the road to a healthy and happy year. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can turn your detox into something of an activity to look forward to rather than a chore you keep putting off.

Re-evaluate your diet

Being strict with ourselves is a habit that can be quite hard to get into, especially after a whole month of luxuries, but tackling your diet step by step rather than as one big challenge is a great way to get your detox on the right tracks. One of the best detox diet tips is to start your day well. Breakfast is what sets your metabolism up for the rest of the day, so having a healthy and hearty breakfast before heading off to work will not only put you in a positive mindset for the day, but you’ll find a better ability to exercise self-restraint having already started off on the right foot. The same goes for what we eat in an evening. A detox doesn’t need to be all fruit and no fun, but cutting back on weekly treats like takeaways and fast food is an essential way to improve your diet – and your wallet will soon start to feel the benefit too. Changing your diet as you enter the New Year is a great resolution to take part in as long as you’re sensible in how you approach this change. Your body is finely tuned and needs time to adjust to things like diet changes so, whilst patience is key, the benefits of a detox will make themselves known soon enough.

Reconsider the drink

December is a month of all things merry and bright, with emphasis often being placed on the merry. Dry January is a great way for you to detox after a drink-fuelled December. At the time, the effects of drinking can seem short-lived, but its unseen impacts can have serious and long-term effects on our health. Alcohol is high in calories and extremely dehydrating, which can make for a concerning combination, particularly if you are wanting to detox and get your body in ship-shape condition. Making an effort to detox and put alcohol to one side will certainly begin to show benefits for both for your body and your mind. Cutting back on the booze will leave you feeling refreshed, healthier and more alert. What’s more, making the choice to detox from alcohol this New Year will leave your bank account feeling better as well as your body.

Realign your mind

Your own personal detox can be just as much about your mental wellbeing as your physical state. Taking the time to detox from distractions that are affecting your mood is a great way to get your New Year off to a positive start both mentally and physically. Whether it’s taking up a new hobby or just taking time away from your phone, small lifestyle changes that remove stress and give you pleasure can have unexpected effects on how your mind functions. What’s important to note here is that a detox doesn’t always have to be about diets and New Years resolutions, it can be about taking time for you. Being content and self-aware is a great way to help everything else around you fall into place. The more you engage your mind and learn to relax, the more easily bigger changes will come. Taking up something new and exciting like yoga or reading is a great way to relax your mind and body whilst still keeping them stimulated. Your New Year detox should be about what you want to achieve, rather than what everyone else is doing.

Every now and then, a detox does us all good. Whether it’s improving your health or finding what makes you happy, setting goals that are achievable will let you channel your energy into something worthwhile and see valuable benefits. At Protectus, we understand the importance of putting yourself and your health first, that’s why we put our clients at the heart of everything we do. Contact us to find out how we can find you the health insurance policy that suits your individual lifestyle needs.