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The many benefits of having a business health cash plan are often overlooked by businesses, though they are easier to get to grips with than you might think. This type of cover is a simple and affordable way to help your employees claim money back on the cost of everyday healthcare, letting them access treatment without the worry of being out of pocket. With a range of policies available to suit a variety of budgets, finding the business health cash plan that you and your team can rely on is simple. Supporting your staff and providing a worthwhile incentive will help meet the needs of both your team and the business so you can keep on track and focus on exceeding targets.

What does a business health cash plan cover?

Knowing exactly what a business health cash plan covers can be confusing. Mostly, a business health cash plan will cover things such as dental and optical fees, specialist consultations, therapies such as physiotherapy and acupuncture. With such an extensive range of services covered by a health cash plan, there are more opportunities than ever to find the right care for your team.

If your business already has a form of health insurance, you may think that makes you exempt or rules out the need for a business health cash plan. However, group health cash plans can be set up as standalone and, in many cases, complement or supplement existing group private medical insurance through your place of work. The cash plan can offset the smaller claims from the group health insurance thereby reducing the loss ratio thereby saving money at the next renewal. As an employer, you want to make sure your team has every chance to access only the best medical care and treatment; a business health cash plan will do just that. Most health cash plans are usually quick to implement and affordable meaning you have an easy and cost-effective way to keep your employees covered both now and for the years to come.

How will a business health cash plan benefit my team?

Being sceptical about taking out a business health cash plan isn’t uncommon. Knowing exactly what your health cash plan will do for your business is highly important in making sure that it is relevant and worth the investment. First and foremost is the fact that a healthy team is a happy team. If your staff know that they’re covered for even the smallest medical costs, it will make them feel a lot more safe and secure in their work environment. A team that trusts it’s being looked after is consequently more likely to push productivity further and workplace morale will be boosted. Aside from the shift in how you team target work, absenteeism can also be lowered with the right business health cash plan. If your top team know that they are covered for any medical costs, they are more likely to get themselves treated and on the road to recovery. This quicker process of keeping your team’s health on top form will allow them to make a swift return to work whilst also making them less likely to take sick days.

With mental health becoming such a large topic in the workplace, one way that you can support your team to keep on top of stress and anxiety is with a business health cash plan that includes an Employee Assistance Programme, more commonly known as an EAP. Your team will be able to access 24/7 counselling and stress helplines, so they don’t have to struggle in their time of need, whether for business or personal issues. With this comes free face to face counselling sessions where required. The better and greater the access you can give to your team to day to day treatments and counselling support, the more you will be perceived as a caring employer.

There are many benefits that your valued team members can reap when it comes to a business health cash plan, as long as you take the time to select a plan that will truly suit and benefit the needs of your business. Most business health cash plan policies will cover you immediately and will usually cover any pre-existing health conditions, meaning both you and your staff don’t have to worry about being able to afford important treatment costs. With the right guidance and the perfect policy, keeping your team healthy and your business on top form is simple. There’s only thing you and your team need to worry about, and that’s how you’re going to celebrate success.

At Protectus Healthcare, we understand the importance of looking after your team day in day out, no matter the cost. That’s why we’re dedicated to finding you the perfect business health cash plan for your operations. Get in touch to see how your staff can stay safe and help business soar with the perfect business health cash plan.