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Making sure that your business has the right health insurance is one thing, making sure that health insurance covers your team internationally is another. International health insurance can be a bit of a grey area for some businesses, as there are so many different types of policies available and a variety of rules and regulations that have to be stuck to. However, making sure that your top team of travellers have the right cover whilst doing business overseas provides many benefits aside from the cover itself. Let’s take a look at how having a suitable contingency plan can help keep your team both covered and loyal.

What is international health insurance?

International insurance is a specialist type of insurance that protects employees working overseas along with expatriates living abroad for long periods of time. Most importantly, international health insurance can cover the vast majority of medical costs incurred for acute illnesses and injuries sustained abroad, with certain policies even covering chronic medical conditions. This type of policy can take care of the treatment costs for both emergency and routine healthcare and, when well-suited to your business, provides your team with complete flexibility.

What does it cover?

International health insurance can help protect a variety of areas depending on the policy type, the first and foremost being premium access to healthcare and cover for emergencies. The healthcare your team can receive from this type of policy will be of high quality, giving them the freedom to choose everything from their practitioner to the type of room they have as well as covering things such as medical charges like ambulances fees and treatment costs. An international health insurance policy will also protect your staff from any financial loss that may be incurred through their treatment. This valuable policy can make sure your team are protected in their time of need to make sure that any immediate financial hiccups don’t affect the level of care they receive. Lots of international policies also help to cover your team for pre-existing medical conditions as the risk is shared amongst employees both healthy and unhealthy, and their dependents. In the most serious of cases these policies can also cover all the costs of repatriation back to the insured’s own country.

What are the benefits for business?

International health insurance is a cost-effective way of making sure that your team overseas are taken care of. A group policy will be much less expensive than individual health insurance policies. By pulling all of the risks into one policy rather than several separate ones, your business can make significant savings. However, the benefits that international health insurance can generate in the long run far outweigh the thought of its initial expense. Making sure that your global team are protected means that you won’t be subject to any coverage claims if anything was to happen to your staff whilst working in other countries. What’s key to note here is that not having the right international health insurance policy for your business could lead to large claims which could become a huge legal liability.

It’s critical that your global employees can get around to do business and an international health insurance policy allows them to do just that. International health insurance is a great way of increasing the amount of business employees can bring in as individual team members are free to roam the globe. The right international health insurance policy will allow your team to move freely from one country to another without having to switch insurance policies back and forth.

Having the right health insurance policy has lots of potential benefits for business as well as their staff. If your staff know that they are protected and have the right cover, it will give them and their families real peace of mind. With the right guidance and expertise, international health insurance can be tailored to meet the individual needs of each member of your team. Personalised cover like this will allow each individual team member to feel valued and respected which means nothing but benefits for business. Improved staff morale, better productivity, high employee retention and stronger trust are all outcomes of having a reliable international health insurance policy that will help to boost business and accomplish targets. If you put in the effort to look after your team, they will put in the effort to look after your business.

International health insurance is exactly what you need to keep your business and employees at the top of their game whilst dealing with operations overseas. At Protectus Healthcare, we understand the importance of keeping your business and team safe and sound when they’re in a difficult situation. Get in touch or go online to see how we can find you the international health insurance policy that keeps your top team covered.