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The idea that a good diet can make your life better is no secret, but there’s one area that your diet has the power to change in a whole host of unexpected ways. Diet has a lot of links to mental health, and the foods that we eat can have huge impacts on the way that we feel and fathom things. If there was a way to turn your life around simply by making a few tweaks to your diet, would you really be that cautious about saying yes? So why is it that so many of us eat bad and live bad because of it? Well, it’s usually because it feels like the easy option. Unhealthy foods are a quick fix; they’re often ready to eat and offer an instant boost of energy. However, this isn’t the best way to keep your body and mind on top form, that’s why it’s important to evaluate what you eat. The better your diet, the better you feel physically and mentally.

Seeking the right advice and tips for maintaining a good diet can help you in all aspects of your life. Let’s take a look at how diet affects our mental health and how you can make the necessary changes needed to help boost your body and brain.

Battle the Bad – Why changing your diet is worth it

Choosing what’s right for your body in terms of diet can be a difficult task, but it doesn’t have to be. Believe it or not, food can taste good and do you good at the same time, it’s just about making the correct choices. First and foremost, think about reducing the amount of unhealthy diet options you make. This idea may not be your cup of tea, but the four sugars you put in yours maybe isn’t the best option either. Cutting down on alcohol, sugary drinks, fatty and sugary foods can be the first, very big and also daunting step to take in your new diet journey. This doesn’t mean that you can not enjoy these foods in moderation but if you’re looking for a mood changing, monumental health improvement, kicking any bad habits is probably the best place to start.

So why is it that sugar and fat are bad for our mind, not just our body? Fats and sugars give us a rollercoaster of energy, endorphins and endurance that can be quite confusing and unbalancing for our bodies and minds to deal with. A diet consisting of fats and sugars sets your body up for waves of sugar rushes followed by energy crashes. If your diet is constantly subjecting your body to alternating boosts and slumps of energy, it can leave you feeling tired, anxious and sluggish. All of these emotions can have a knock-on effect on your day to day life, including the stability of your mental health.

A sugary and fatty diet can also lead to unhealthy food habits and addictions. An unhealthy diet addiction will definitely play devil’s advocate with your mental health; the release of dopamine we get when we eat sugary or fatty foods is said to have the same rush that is associated with that of drugs. So how can we make sure this doesn’t happen? Making the right diet choices and suitable swaps will help you to feel better physically and mentally as you won’t be relying on sugar as your substance.


Overcome Obstacles – How to put your mental health first

Eating clean, correctly and with consistency can benefit both mind and body. A diet consisting of sensible amounts of fruits, vegetables, fibre and protein in the right rotation is the key to eating clean. If your body starts to feel healthier and happier, your mind will follow. Choosing a diet with slow release energy foods will keep you perkier, alert and able to concentrate for longer, meaning a more productive mental position to make the most of. Having a balanced diet also works in ways you wouldn’t expect to take care of your mental well being. If you know that you’re eating healthy, you know that you’re trying hard to do your body and mind some serious good. This positive idea is already enough to start giving you a mental boost even without the added benefits of the food itself.

Productivity and a positive spirit aren’t just down to what you eat, it’s also about when. As the famous phrase goes, ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’. Eating a good breakfast is said to fuel your mind and body which in turn helps out your mental health. A good breakfast will help to boost productivity and concentration, after all, a working mind and an awake mind is also a productive one. Making breakfast is one thing but making sure that you don’t skip meals and aim to eat at the same time is another. A diet that is consistent means that your mind is never left without the right food to fuel your thoughts. Ensuring that your diet is in proportion, full of feel-good foods and keeps you full for longer is one of the keys to unlocking a healthy and happy mind.

Diet is only one factor contributing to a better mental state, so although a strong diet is a key contributor to positive mental health, it’s only one piece of the puzzle. Sleep, hydration and exercise are all factors that help contribute to a better and healthier mindset. Changing your diet doesn’t mean everything will automatically fall into place, if you feel that your mental health is battling with your body over food choices, it might be time to seek support.

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