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Doctaly are delighted to announce our partnership with Protectus Healthcare – an independent insurance intermediary with twenty years’ expertise in the medical and life insurance arena for personal, SME and corporate clients.

As waiting times for NHS GP appointments increase, people are increasingly seeking alternative and more convenient options for GP access.

Employee wellbeing is highly valued by almost 50% of higher-earning employees, who would evaluate their employer or potential employer on the strength of their commitment to employee wellbeing. (

Employers are therefore keen to demonstrate their efforts to improve health & wellbeing benefits for their staff, which contributes towards improved staff retention, reduced absenteeism, and a happier and more productive team!

By partnering with Doctaly, Protectus Healthcare are improving GP access for their individual, SME and Corporate clients, at a lower price point than existing providers are able to offer.

Wayne Jackson, Managing Director of Protectus Healthcare commented

“This new service from Doctaly will be a very welcome addition to many of our clients. Only too often do we hear of dissatisfaction from our clients in the time that it takes to obtain an appointment with a GP, which further delays the referral process. Doctaly will not only dramatically speed this up for all, but with our corporate clients it will certainly prove to be cost effective in helping to reduce employee absence, thereby saving cost and going someway to maintaining a happy, healthy work force.”

Ben Teichman, CEO of Doctaly commented: “Excellent news to have secured our most recent partnership with Protectus Healthcare. As GP access becomes increasingly challenging, we’re delighted to be offering a valued service to their clients.”

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