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For any and all businesses, making sure that they are looking after their team is vital in keeping the wheels of their operations turning, which is exactly where having the right company health insurance policy comes in. For most businesses, the best way to make sure that their team is on top form is to ensure that they are covered with the right policy. It’s important for businesses to make sure that their employees have the right company health insurance for a range of financial and health-related reasons. Let’s take a look at how important health insurance is and how it can benefit both SMEs and their employees.

The Importance of Company Health Insurance

You can’t put a price on good health, but you can certainly help to protect it. By having the right company health insurance policy for your SME, you can make sure that your team are fully looked after if something was to happen. Most company health insurance policies include things such as private hospital rooms, specialists’ fees and out-patient treatments like physiotherapy. What’s more, plenty of company health insurance policies also include extensive cancer cover. One of the best ways a business can look after their top team is to provide them with a company health insurance policy that gives them and their family true peace of mind. By having the right cover in place, employees will be able to quickly access expert treatment, meaning a quicker recovery for staff to be able to return to work at the earliest opportunity. If you’re looking to hold onto your team both now and for the years to come, a company health insurance policy will support you in achieving just this.

Company Health Insurance Benefits

One of the ways SMEs can make sure that their top team stays engaged as well as making sure that operations are on top form is through having the right company health insurance policy. Having a policy that is suited to your unique processes could be what keeps your business strong and thriving. A healthy and safe workforce is a happy one; if your employees are covered for any health-related issues, you will certainly see a shift in your team’s behaviour. Thanks to company health insurance, productivity and morale will be maintained if not improved, and absenteeism will be a lot lower. It’s important for businesses to make sure that their team know that they are covered under company health insurance if they were to fall ill, this will make them a lot less susceptible to sick days which, in turn, will keep your business functioning and profitable.

Businesses shouldn’t be afraid to take out a company health insurance policy for fear of cashflow concerns. In fact, it’s usually easier and cheaper to get health insurance as a business, rather than for separate individuals. The more team members you can pool into your business’s health insurance plan, generally the lower the cost.  SME’s should take advantage of just how cost-efficient company health insurance can be to keep the team covered and keep costs to a minimum.

SME’s are always looking to take on new employees and expand, but attracting and securing new staff can be a difficult task – that’s where health insurance comes in.  Businesses that offer company health insurance as part of their employee benefits package are often able to attract more qualified applicants who are likely to stay with the business for the years to come. What’s more, company health insurance acts as a strong recruitment and retention tool for your business in having the right staff on board running and supporting your business.

It is also worth pointing out for all SME’s operating through a limited company, that this sort of cover is tax deductible.

How Protectus Can Help

Understanding exactly which company health insurance policy will suit your SME’s unique needs and what it is that you need it to cover can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. We understand that businesses may not have time to search through the vast amount of options to find the best policy for their team, that’s why at Protectus Healthcare, we can help navigate through the labyrinth of policies to find you the perfect one. We will carry out full market reviews to help you select a plan that is right for you and your team based on your company set up, price range and the cover you seek. We’ll be on-hand to set everything up and will always be there to answer any questions that you may have so that you know your company health insurance is working for your business.

At Protectus Healthcare, we understand the importance of keeping your team safe and sound throughout their time with your business. Get in touch or go online to see how we can find your business the company health insurance policy that keeps staff and sales on top form.