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As we reach the colder months, cold and flu is cropping up more and more. Whilst it’s easy to catch a cold without even realising, there are precautions and steps that you can take to lower your chances of catching colds and flu. Let’s take a look at just some of the ways that you can take care of yourself during the winter months to ensure that you’re fighting fit and free from cold and flu.

Being proactive

During winter, most of us tend to get a bout of cold and flu, no matter how cautious and healthy we are. A great way to be proactive is to prepare before illness strikes. Try to boost your immune system as much as possible by eating plenty of fruit and vegetables as well as foods that are high in antioxidants, and also taking vitamins and supplements. It’s all well and good preparing your body, but how well prepared is your medicine cabinet? Before sniffles strike, ensure that you have all the items you need to fight off cold and flu. From tablets and medicines to balms and vitamins, ensure that you have the right supplies along with simple things such as tissues and thermometers to hand.

Steady sleep 

There really is no better way to fight off cold and flu than by having good and regular sleep. Aiming for around 7-8 hours of good quality sleep a night will see that you feel more energised and less likely to pick up cold and flu. Small changes like keeping your wake-up times consistent and turning in for an early night when you need it will help you feel much better throughout the winter months. Investing in sleep apps and trackers can also help you to wake up feeling more refreshed to start your day off on the right foot.

In the right mood

A great way to stop cold and flu in its tracks is to ensure that you’re rested both mentally and physically. Exercising regularly throughout winter will help to increase your level of endorphins, known to be a stress and anxiety reducer, as well as keep you fit and healthy to fight off any cold and flu that may come your way. If you’re away over the colder months, seek some relaxation time with a book, music or film, and ease tension for a more renewed and ready-to-go attitude. 

Knowing the difference

Although cold and flu can be similar, knowing the difference can help you treat it and recover quicker. A common cold is usually made up of a runny nose, stuffiness, a sore throat, and will usually only last for a few days. You may feel tired and run down but you won’t be completely out of action, as you would be with the flu. Flu symptoms are usually more severe and can be anything from body aches and chills to a high fever. Cold and flu can look similar but flu is prone to lasting longer, often from around 10 days to 2 weeks. If you’re concerned about your health and feel that you aren’t getting better, it’s always a good idea to speak to a healthcare professional.

What to do when you’re caught out

Even if you’ve done all you can to try and prevent cold and flu, there’s always a possibility that it will still strike. That’s why it’s important to know how to ease your symptoms and take care of yourself if you do come down with cold and flu. Hydration is key; drinking lots of fluids will help to flush out your system and keep your immune system working hard. To try and unblock your nose and generally feel more at ease, opt for warm showers and hearty nutritional hot meals such as soups and broths to keep you nourished until your cold and flu passes. Stocking up on vitamin C, Zinc and other supplements will also help to boost your immune system to help fight off your illness quicker. Getting plenty of rest will also play a large part in how quickly you recover from cold and flu

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