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You may have seen press coverage on the spiralling cost of absence in the UK. How much of this can be attributed to life’s tribulations of debt, marital problems, gambling, bereavement, job uncertainty can all contribute to triggering increased stress in the workplace?

A few simple steps can help an employer manage these issues.

Stress Policy

The first of which is one that all employers should address being the drafting of a ‘stress policy’ in line with The Health and Safety Executive requirements.

stress-policyA number of organisations are able to help with the structure and implementation of a policy that at the same time will assist with a stress audit which will help determine and provide solutions to any issues.

Company Cash Plan

Another cost effective and popular solution is the implementation of a company Cash Plan.

A range of benefits are provided to assist with the health and wellbeing of all employees.

This type of plan has enjoyed buoyant growth in recent years as employers have recognised the value for money these plans provide and the positive effect on staff morale. With such benefits as optical and dental cover supplemented by access to treatment such as physiotherapy and other complementary therapies, employers are benefitting from the positive effects within their workforce.

As a bonus to the welfare of the employees, these types of plans are also seen as an excellent retention tool.

Many of these plans also benefit from an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) giving employees access to a confidential 24/7 helpline covering such things as stress, debt and bereavement counselling.

This goes a long way to getting the best out of your employees and ensuring their happiness and welfare at work.