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Have you ever thought about how blood donation works or what it entails? For many, the process is a mystery. Maybe if more of us understood the blood donation process the more likely we would be to actually do it. Giving blood is possibly one of the best ways you can help other people as just one unit of your blood could help up to three people. So why is it that we fear the uncertainty of the process?

Interestingly, the actual donation part of the process isn’t that long. It’s the time that is taken in the lead-up and after that makes the process seem drawn out. The importance of your own safety and wellbeing is the main focus of the process, so there is no need to worry about the actual blood giving part. To offer some clarity, let’s take a more detailed look at the process of blood donation.

What’s the process?

The blood donation process is probably more straightforward than you originally thought. So let’s delve into the ten simple steps to completing your blood donation.

1. Book your appointment

Choose a date and a venue that is suitable for you and book yourself in. It’s as simple as that.

2. Fill in the paperwork

This is possibly the most mundane stage of the process but once you arrive at your blood donation location, your basic details and information will be taken.

3. Health question rundown

Next in line is a series of health and lifestyle questions. Making sure that you are fit to donate is very important, you’ll be asked a few lifestyle questions to make sure you’re suitable.

4. Health examination

After the health questions, you will be given a health screening where a small amount of blood is taken and tested as well as your temperature, blood pressure and pulse, to again make sure you are ready to donate.

5. Taken to your chair

After you have been given the all clear for your blood donation, it’s time to take a seat for your donation to begin.

6. Clean and prep

Before starting, your arm will be thoroughly cleaned and sterilized, you’ll also be provided with an arm cuff before the needle is inserted.

7. The donation process

Now comes the actual blood donation process. After the needle is inserted, an agitator scale monitors your blood donation and will automatically stop when the donation is completed, this usually takes 5-10 minutes.

8. Collection

Once the donation is completed, the needle is removed and you’ll be given a pressure roll and a plaster dressing. Your blood bag is then taken ready for transportation to the blood bank.

9. Time to revive

Lastly, you’ll be encouraged to wait 15 minutes after your appointment and have a couple of drinks to make sure that you stay hydrated to prevent any faintness.

10. Moving On

After the whole process is complete, it’s left up to you whether you return. For those that are intrigued to know where their blood donation has gone, a message alert will let you know exactly where your blood was taken to.

Insights into your blood donation

If the easiness of the blood donation process still isn’t enough to put your mind at ease to give blood, then maybe we need to dig deeper. With blood always in high demand, the bottom line is that blood donation saves lives; it’s a renewable way of helping people who need it most. The human body will quickly make up for the loss of blood after a donation, meaning you can repeat the process knowing that it will have an amazing effect on someone else’s life. O-negative blood is highly sought after. This blood type is the only one that can be used in anybody, making it useful in a huge amount of transfusions.

Blood donation can be more than just about helping others, it can also give you a great sense of self-satisfaction. Knowing that you are doing good and potentially saving lives will have great effects on your mental wellbeing. Just because you can’t necessarily see who gets your blood and why it doesn’t mean that it’s not being used; someone somewhere will benefit greatly from your blood.

Blood donation is a great way for you to help those who need it most. At Protectus Healthcare, we pride ourselves on protecting our clients and finding policies that will provide solutions to suit and support their wellbeing. Go online or get in touch to find out how Protectus Healthcare can help you to protect what matters.